Retirement Calculator

The Retirement Calculator is a financial tool that helps individuals plan for their retirement by estimating how much money they will need to save and invest to maintain their desired lifestyle during retirement. It takes into account factors such as current savings, annual contributions, expected retirement age, and life expectancy to provide an estimate of retirement readiness.

Retirement Calculator
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  • Current Age: Enter your current age in the "Current Age" field. This is your age at the time of using the calculator.
  • Desired Retirement Age: Input the age at which you plan to retire in the "Desired Retirement Age" field. This represents the age at which you intend to stop working and begin your retirement.
  • Current Retirement Savings ($): Enter the current amount of money you have saved for retirement in the "Current Retirement Savings ($)" field. This includes any existing retirement accounts, investments, or savings specifically designated for retirement.
  • Annual Retirement Contributions ($): Input the amount you plan to contribute annually to your retirement savings in the "Annual Retirement Contributions ($)" field. This represents the yearly contributions you intend to make in addition to your existing savings.
  • Expected Annual Rate of Return (%): Enter the expected annual rate of return on your retirement investments as a percentage in the "Expected Annual Rate of Return (%)" field. This represents the average annual growth rate of your investments over time.
  • Life Expectancy: Input your estimated life expectancy in the "Life Expectancy" field. This represents the age at which you expect to live to, on average.
  • Calculate Retirement: Click the "Calculate Retirement" button to initiate the calculation.

View the Result:

  • Total Retirement Savings: This is the estimated total amount of money you will have saved by the time you reach your desired retirement age.
  • Annual Retirement Income: The calculator will estimate the amount of money you can withdraw annually from your retirement savings to maintain your desired lifestyle during retirement.
  • Years of Retirement Income: This represents the estimated number of years you can sustain your retirement income based on your savings and life expectancy.


  • Rate of Return: The expected annual rate of return represents the average growth rate of your retirement investments. It can vary based on your investment choices and market conditions.
  • Life Expectancy: This is an estimate of how long you expect to live in retirement. It can be based on factors like family history and personal health.
  • Annual Retirement Contributions: This represents the amount you plan to save each year for retirement. It's important to be consistent with your contributions to achieve your retirement goals.

Using this Retirement Calculator can help you assess your current retirement savings and determine whether you are on track to meet your retirement goals. It provides estimates of your future retirement savings, annual retirement income, and the number of years your savings can support your retirement lifestyle.