Debt Avalanche Calculator

The Debt Avalanche Calculator is a financial tool that assists individuals in creating a strategic plan to pay off multiple debts efficiently. It focuses on minimizing the total interest paid by prioritizing the highest-interest debt. Users input information about their debts, including the outstanding balance, interest rate, and minimum monthly payment. The calculator then suggests a payment strategy, including the order in which to pay off the debts.

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Debt List

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Debt Snowball Plan


  • Debt Name or Description: This can be a name or description for the debt (e.g., "Credit Card A" or "Car Loan").
  • Outstanding Balance ($): Enter the current balance you owe for this debt.
  • Interest Rate (%): Input the annual interest rate for this debt, expressed as a percentage.
  • Minimum Monthly Payment ($): Enter the minimum monthly payment required for this debt.
  • Click the "Add Debt" button: to add more debts to the list if needed.

Calculate Debt Payoff::

  • After entering the details of all your debts: click the "Calculate Debt Payoff" button to initiate the calculation.

View the Result:

  • Debt Payoff Strategy: The calculator will perform the calculation and display the recommended payoff plan in the "Debt Payoff Strategy" section.
  • Debt Payoff Order: The calculator will suggest the order in which you should pay off your debts. It will prioritize debts with the smallest outstanding balance first.
  • Total Interest Paid: This is the estimated total interest you will pay over the course of the recommended payoff plan.
  • Debt Freedom Date: The calculator will provide an estimate of when you will become debt-free if you follow the recommended plan.


  • Debt Order: The Debt Snowball method prioritizes paying off the debt with the smallest outstanding balance first. This strategy is designed to provide quick wins and motivation as smaller debts are cleared.
  • Minimum Payments: Ensure that you continue to make at least the minimum monthly payments on all your debts to avoid penalties or negative impacts on your credit score.
  • Extra Payments: If possible, consider allocating additional funds each month toward the smallest debt in your snowball plan. This can help accelerate your debt payoff.

Using this Debt Avalanche Calculator can provide you with a structured plan to efficiently pay down your debts and reduce the total interest paid. It's a valuable tool for individuals who want to take a strategic approach to debt reduction.